Homework Help

Students with parents who are involved in their education are more likely to earn higher grades, adapt well to school, and pass their classes. But is there a point when parents can be too involved—specifically, with homework? Consider these scenarios:

  • Your child’s big science project is due tomorrow, but her schedule has been so busy lately that she hasn’t had time to finish it herself. You want her to get a good grade, so you end up doing most of the work for her.
  • Your daughter’s entry for a school poetry competition seems pretty bad so far.  You suggest phrases that sound better. When the awards are announced, your daughter comes home and says, “We won!”
  • Your son’s math homework packet is a big part of his grade, but he’s having trouble with a few of the concepts. You wonder if it’s okay to help him with some of the answers?

If parents end up taking over homework tasks—as in the first two examples—involvement can quickly turn into interference. Check out this article for strategies to reasonably support your child as he or she tackles assignments.