Rochelle Contract

Rochelle School of the Arts Contract

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By choosing to enroll a child at Rochelle School of the Arts, parents provide their child with an exciting educational opportunity.  Registration of a student indicates that parents or guardians have accepted the responsibility to provide the proper interest, encouragement, guidance and home environment to foster the best possible learning situation.  As a magnet school and a Title 1 school, Rochelle will strive to build relationships in order to create family engagement for every child, every family, every teacher, every day.

All Rochelle students are expected to be: Respectful, Safe, Active Learners, who show Unity and are Creative.  Please read the following expectations carefully:

Parent Commitment

  • My child will be in class by 7:55am and remain throughout the school day.  I agree to schedule appointments outside of school hours, when possible.  I will support my child's academic and arts education to that mastery of grade level or course expectations are met.
  • I will monitor my child's academic and behavioral progress with review of the agenda, Parent Portal, graded work, Interims and Report Cards.  I will attend portfolio review and parent conferences.
  • I will support Rochelle through volunteer opportunities during the school year.  I will attend parent conferences, school meetings, performances and other activities in which my child is participating.  This may include after school rehearsals and parent education events.
  • I will review, sign and return the agenda, work folders, assignments and other communications.  If questions arise, I will communicate first with the teacher through the agenda, email, notes, conferences or phone calls to seek clarification and will attend parent conferences.
  • My child will adhere to the uniform and dress code policies, as well as the discipline policies of the school.  I will partner with the school to model and expect the Core Values of Respect, Safety, Active Learning, Unity and Creativity for my child.

Student Commitment

  • I will be in class by 7:55am daily, and I will be on time to each of my scheduled classes.  I understand that I am participating in a rigorous academic program, with time dedicated daily to the arts.
  • I will maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average ("C" average) and will track my progress toward my learning goals (ex: AR logs, Student Portal, etc.)
  • I will demonstrate respect to all school staff and school volunteers at all times.  I will dedicate time after school to my major and/or the arts by practicing, attending rehearsals and attending performances to support the students and the school.
  • I will write down my assignments in my agenda, complete assignments, and come to school with all needed supplies.  I will be responsible in giving required information to both my family and my teachers.
  • I will demonstrate positive behavior choices at all times, and will wear the RSA uniform as instructed and with pride.  I will be a Respectful, Safe, Active Learner, showing Unity with my school and Creativity in my thinking.

School Commitment

  • The instructional day will be fully maximized for academic and arts instruction.  We will provide a rigorous and challenging academic and arts program for all students based on Florida Standards.  We will provide the instruction and the support each child needs to be successful.
  • We will set high standards for school work and student behavior, provide for regular assessment checks, and will ensure timely feedback on student progress.
  • We will provide opportunities for students' academic and artistic work to be showcased and celebrated.  We will encourage parent involvement and provide a variety of volunteer and partnership opportunities for families and the community.
  • We will keep parents and students informed about student progress and assessment results throughout the year.  We will communicate promptly and frequently with families through email, written communication, conferences, or phone calls to share information or address concerns.
  • We will create and promote a safe, orderly and healthy learning environment for all students.  Our staff will teach and model our Core Values of Respect, Safety, Active Learning, Unity and Creativity.